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  • Under Tonneau Chest Boxes

The UWS under tonneau chest box offers integrated truck bed storage. It is compatible with most tonneau covers and features Secure Lock handles and our patented RigidCore™ lid.

  • Hammerhead-Style Transfer Tanks

UWS has developed an innovative new hammerhead-style transfer tank. With a unique, narrowed base, these transfer tanks fit all full-size trucks, fitting between the wheel wells without obstruction, even on short-bed trucks.

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  • Under Tonneau Chest Box SEMA Video

    Under Tonneau Chest Box at SEMA 2018

    Travis from CURT Group talks about the new under tonneau chest box from UWS, shown at the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV. These new utility chest tool boxes are compatible with most tonneau covers and feature our patented RigidCore™ lid and extra-thick aluminum construction for maximum strength and security.

  • Damage-Free Delivery Video

    Damage-Free Delivery Guarantee

    When buying products online, there is always a risk of damage during delivery. That is why at UWS, we take extra steps to ensure our tool boxes are well-protected for the journey. When your order is placed, we encase the tool box in heavy-duty foam packaging, protective foam caps for the corners and an extra cardboard box, making sure that you receive your order in the same condition as when it left our facility. We guarantee you will receive your tool box damage-free.

  • Secure Lock Tool Box Video

    Secure Lock Crossover Tool Boxes

    UWS Secure Lock crossover truck tool boxes provide the ultimate in security and convenience, offering you a truck bed tool box unlike any other. It operates with two lockable twist handles that can each be locked on either or both sides. Secure Lock tool boxes also come with a removable BedRug™ liner for easy cleaning, and our RigidCore™ lid for enhanced strength.

  • True-Fit Truck Tool Box Video

    True-Fit Truck Tool Boxes

    UWS offers over 400 different tool boxes with a variety of styles, features and finishes. This allows us to offer you a more custom fit for your truck. Rather than one-size-fits-all, UWS truck tool boxes are tailored to the layout of your unique truck, optimizing fitment, accessibility and installation.

Assembled in America

Assembling truck tool boxes in the United States since 1963

  • Camping


    What makes the ultimate outdoor adventure? Family? Friends? Good food? The perfect scenic outlook? When does a weekend camping trip become a memory that will last a lifetime? Pack up the truck and find out.

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  • Farm and Ranch

    Farm and Ranch

    What can two calloused hands and an iron will accomplish? What does it mean to pass on a way of life to the next generation? What does it take to build a legacy? Take hold of the reins and find out.

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  • Fleet


    What does it take to set your crew apart? When does a business become an enterprise, become an empire? What will you do to make your brand a respected name in the industry? Gather the fleet and find out.

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  • Hunting and Fishing

    Hunting and Fishing

    Where will you kick up that next trophy buck or bird? When will the river monster emerge from his hideout and take the bait? Pack up the gear and find out what awaits you in the outdoors.

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  • Play


    What are your limits? What will it take to push them to the next level? How high will you reach? How fast will you run? How far will you go to beat the competition? To win? Load up the gear and find out.

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  • Powersports


    Where will your next adventure take you? Over snow-covered mountains? Through thick forests and muddy valleys? Across endless, rolling fields? Fuel up your engine and find out.

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  • Towing


    Where will the road take you? Where will that next turn lead? When you pack up your crew and take to the open road, what new adventure will you discover? There’s only one way to find out. Hitch up and drive.

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  • Work


    What does it take to do a job well? Where will your ambition take you? When will you catch that big break and land your biggest contract yet? Do you have what it takes to go above and beyond? Find out.

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From our Customers

From our Customers


    The UWS Drawer Slide Chest is the most unique and functional toolbox I have ever seen. Great for organizing tools, camping & fishing gear or for small parts


    The Secure Lock tool box from UWS in the Matte Black finish not only looks super sleek and modern but is built for work

  • ANNETTE HOLLEY - Amazon - Online Shopper

    Great quality as expected. Fit perfectly, priced well & looks sharp. Would highly recommend.

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