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RigidCore™ Technology: High-Strength, Foam-Filled Lid

Impossibly Strong

While many truck tool boxes look the same from the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that makes UWS boxes so superior. The problem with most boxes is that they are reinforced with less-than-desirable methods: rod braces, half-filled lids and even styrofoam. These materials don’t provide enough strength and rigidity to keep your lid from warping and ultimately not locking correctly.

UWS has engineered the RigidCore™ foam-filled lid to solve this common problem.

Exclusive design for exceptional strength

RigidCore™ is a patented technology built into the lid of UWS tool boxes. The lid is completely filled with a hardening, expanding foam material, sandwiched between two aluminum plates. As it hardens, the foam and the plates together create a solid structure.

Hidden from view, RigidCore™ technology greatly enhances the strength of the lid, far beyond that of a traditional tool box.

Advantages of RigidCore™

UWS Foam Filled Lid Tool BoxUWS Foam Filled Lid Tool Box

Structural integrity

The foam-filled lid greatly enhances tool box strength and overall structural integrity. It also helps prevent bending and warping of the box and lid.

Open Truck Tool Box LidOpen Truck Tool Box Lid

Smooth operation

Because of its rigidity, the lid is highly resistant to binding, allowing the gas struts to operate fluidly and ensuring smooth opening and closing of the box.

Security Truck Tool Box LockedSecurity Truck Tool Box Locked

Hidden strength

The foam-filled lid is completely integrated with the tool box and is undetectable from the outside, maintaining a streamlined look on your truck.

Extra Thick Aluminum Truck Tool BoxExtra Thick Aluminum Truck Tool Box

Welded, extra-thick aluminum

UWS tool boxes and storage chests are also constructed with extra-thick aluminum. While other boxes typically use aluminum about 0.045” to 0.050” thick, we use 0.058” diamond-plate aluminum to construct our boxes.

The aluminum is precisely welded into a one-piece tub design, increasing the box’s strength and maximizing its water-resistance.

Weather-resistant to protect what’s important

UWS Truck Tool Box Features BenefitsUWS Truck Tool Box Features Benefits

Assembled in the USA

RigidCore™ technology is applied to each of our truck tool boxes at our manufacturing facility in Perry, Florida. We assemble our tool boxes in the United States because we believe in the value American manufacturing and the quality that it guarantees.

Truck Tool Box Welding ManufacturingTruck Tool Box Welding Manufacturing