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What does it take to do a job well? Where will your ambition take you? When will you catch that big break and land your biggest contract yet? Do you have what it takes to go above and beyond? Find out.

For those who love getting their hands dirty, UWS offers a wide selection of truck tool boxes and other storage solutions. We offer professional-grade cargo management and dependable security, whether you’re on the job or in the field.

A custom fit for each unique job

UWS crossover truck tool boxes come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit each unique truck bed and job. All tool boxes feature our patented RigidCore™ foam-filled lid and extra-thick aluminum construction. Many are available in multiple finish options.

Our Secure Lock crossover tool boxes are particularly unique, featuring a dual-locking handle system. Both handles are lockable, allowing the box to be locked on either or both sides of the truck. Secure Lock also features an interior BedRug™ liner for easy cleaning of the box, and they have a low-profile lid for better visibility out the rear window of the truck.

Maximizing storage space potential

To maximize storage space on your truck, consider installing side mount tool boxes. Most side mount boxes can be installed together with an existing crossover tool box or utility chest, and they provide additional, secure storage and organization.

We offer truck side tool boxes for mounting along the side of the truck bed walls and topside boxes for mounting on top of the bed walls. We also have underbody boxes that can be installed on a truck, cab and chassis vehicle or a large trailer.

Versatile storage for any setting

For a versatile tool box option, UWS utility chests can be used in your truck bed or in a shop, garage or on the jobsite. We offer a variety of sizes and styles, including utility chests with side handles for easy mobility of the box.

All UWS utility chest boxes are built with our extra-thick aluminum construction and our patented RigidCore™ foam-filled lid for dependable strength. We also offer smaller utility chests, including tote boxes and foot lockers for smaller tools and items.

Storage on the go

If a four wheeler or side-by-side is part of your daily work routine, you’ll want to invest in one of our UTV or ATV tool boxes. These boxes provide secure storage and allow you to keep tools and equipment on-hand in the field.

Our UTV tool boxes install with vehicle-specific hardware for a custom fit on popular UTV models, and they feature a crossover box style. Both UTV and ATV tool boxes are constructed with extra-thick aluminum and our patented RigidCore™ foam-filled lid.

Safe, convenient transportation of liquids

If you have liquids to transport to and from the jobsite, we have a transfer tank to fit the bill. We offer L-shaped and rectangular tanks, as well as a combo tank option that features an integrated tool box.

UWS transfer tanks are constructed with extra-thick aluminum and have a commercial-grade ventilation cap. They are great for use on the farm, at the construction site, in commercial jobs and much more.

On-hand, ready-to-use organization

Staying organized on the job site is no small matter. Knowing where your tools and equipment are and keeping them on-hand and ready to use is imperative.

UWS tool boxes with drawers are perfect for organizing hand tools and other small items. The drawers are built from commercial-grade nylon, and they feature stainless steel ball bearings for smooth operation. We offer five-drawer boxes, as well as utility chests and fender well boxes with integrated drawers.

Adding greater functionality to your truck

For transporting lengthy materials, the UWS ladder rack is the perfect addition to your truck. This set of brackets easily mounts onto the side of your truck and can be used to transport a ladder, pipes, siding or other long, awkward objects in the bed of your truck.

Each ladder rack bracket is constructed from aluminum, and together they are rated for up to 250 lbs.